The biggest advantage of cross platform development is that it tends to target multiple platforms as well as devices by the writing down of minimal or a single source code. The additional benefits of this strategy include:

Reduced Development and Maintenance Cost: The cross platform applications can source from the single codebase that employs a single app development skill set and expertise. Moreover, it also tends to target all the platforms at once and does not require individual staff or group of staff for separate apps. The presence of a single app codebase also minimizes the overall development and maintenance costs. This is because there is no longer the need to keep track of the bugs for a large number of codebase or relative staff for each platform.

Lower Technical Barriers: The development and maintenance of any app with Flex, HTML5, and JavaScript tend to be simpler than that of Java or Objective –C. Owing to this ease of developing apps and language familiarity, the technical barrier in case of cross platform development gets lowered substantially. This, as a result, boosts the adoption of this strategy. There is no need of more app developers or staff to be employed for building any application.

When the development of native apps was concerned, it required the development team to have knowledge of Java for Android applications, Objective C for iOS applications, Silverlight for Windows phone applications, and so more. It required the app developers to become adept in all the technologies and programming languages which could be highly difficult. In contrast to this, cross platform development is an easier technique as the developer need to be adept at only one language or skill set. Here, more focus is given on the application that is being developed rather than on the overall knowledge or skill set of an individual.

Wider Reach & Effective Marketing: When you are developing apps for multiple platforms, you have the benefit of the wider audience as well as exposure as needed by your application. Cross platform application development boosts the market potential of the available applications as more people across different platforms get targeted. The apps that run on Android, Windows, iOS, and so more offer an additional benefit for your business as far as exposure is concerned. Marketing of your products and services also becomes simpler and expansive as the apps are now being promoted across various platforms and media.

Uniform Appearance and Feel: With cross platform design and development of applications, the design & feel of the apps could be made uniform. This is because there is a single codebase running throughout. On the other hand, while designing or developing apps for separate platforms, it was extremely difficult to maintain the synchronization among the development teams having different expertise levels.

Technical Strength: Various cross platform technologies like Flex and ActionScript make it easier for tasks like data visualization and programmatic drawing. The development of an equivalent experience in case of native apps tends to be more time consuming and highly complex. The main aim of developing any application is to drive and attract more customers to one’s site. It calls for enabling high-quality user engagement with the target market. When the majority of users are using the same platform, the choice becomes simple. However, when you would be targeting huge audience over multiple platforms, then cross platform application development can be an ideal solution. It also becomes easier for maintaining and deploying changes during the development of a single app for multiple devices and platforms. Even updates can get easily synchronized across multiple platforms.

The cross platform development approach has become widely accepted as it solves a number of problems typical to native app development. By doing so, it tends to satisfy all the technical teams, product owners, and the end users. Native app development might be your first choice, however, do not disregard the importance of cross-platform development for your business. It can help to upscale your business by newer levels just by utilizing the interests of the end users across multiple platforms. Go for it!